Thai Chili sauce

Thai Chili sauce
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Stu researched recipes and picked the brains of some of his favorite Thai chefs and imported a variety of herbs and spices such as Galanga, Lemon Grass, and Sacred Basil to develop his Thai Chili sauce. 

Though it is one of our newest sauces, Pig Feathers Thai Chili sauce is fast becoming a customer favorite.  Slightly sweet with a great blend of tanginess and deep flavors, our Thai Chili sauce works for a variety of foods.  Try it on baked or BBQ chicken.  For a fun, flavorable, and simple meal, sear some thinly sliced chicken, beef, or pork along with some veggies, put it over rice, and then just pour a little Thai Chili sauce over the top.  Very tasty!

Get yourself a bottle or two (or 12) of Thai Chili sauce and have fun creating your own culinary masterpieces.

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